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We are a charitable not-for-profit (non-profit) organization registered and certified in the State of Wyoming, USA.

Our first christian ministry known as “IGLESIA PRIMITIVA DE CRISTO“, is an Online library of christian articles and documents entirely in the Spanish language. Started early in August 2002, ( http://daprose.net/iglesia ). Since then, several other christian ministries started as well:

RADIO MUNDO (2005), and DOCTRINA CRISTIANA (2006), both started as simple missionary works without being incorporated. These two ministries are now being offered as part of our active ministries.

IGLESIA DE LA MISERICORDIA (2017), the INAAEB (Instituto Norteamericano de Altos Estudios Bíblicos, 2016), and Medicina Ambulatoria Comunitaria (2017), are now part of our wonderful family of Christian Ministries Worldwide.

We will continue to offer and promote other Christian Ministries in other languages as well.  Our only constraint would be “time and money”.

Our original ministry, IPC – Iglesia Primitiva de Cristo, has been 100% preserved; but now, due to new discoveries and studies, we also offer support and promote, IGLESIA DE LA MISERICORDIA at  http://IglesiaDeLaMisericordia.org